Domain Name Introduction

    For thousands of years, cooking and eating culture have been an important part of Chinese society. In the 21st century, with the rapid development of Chinese society, people's eating habits are also in a rapid change. The pace of work and life of people is accelerating, and the tradition of eating at home has gradually been replaced by eating out. Chinese people have always liked to talk about business at the dinner table. This has also made the newer, more distinctive dining venues a constant pursuit of business dining. As the disposable income of middle-aged and young people continues to increase, people’s social activities at dining establishments also increase. According to statistics, China currently has more than 5 million restaurants and the total annual business turnover exceeds 2 trillion yuan. In the era of the Internet and mobile Internet today, as a large and highly competitive industry, the demand for innovation and maintaining competitiveness in the catering industry is enormous. In this context, we applied for the “.restaurant” top-level domain name to provide an exclusive Chinese domain name for the Chinese food and beverage industry, provide services for restaurants, food and beverage industries and consumers, and make “.restaurants” become Chinese online users. The preferred domain name for hotel and restaurant related information, to facilitate consumers to make a satisfactory choice.

    On the other hand, as a Chinese top-level domain name, ".Restaurant" is also in line with the current trend of domain name development. The 21st century is the era of the Internet. Domain names play a very important role as the basic resources of the Internet. Chinese domain names, like English domain names, are house numbers on the Internet. The advent of Chinese domain names based on multilingual technology is a major breakthrough in the world's Internet industry. It overcomes the language barriers in the Internet world, and enables the majority of Chinese netizens who do not speak English as a native language to access the Internet through their own language. Experience the "network without borders." The popularization and application of Chinese domain names have reduced the threshold for Internet use and can promote the overall development of the Internet. Chinese domain names have not only changed the habits of Internet users in surfing the Internet, but have also increased the penetration rate of the Internet. From the perspective of resource allocation, it has also eased the tension in demand and supply of domain name resources to some extent.

    As the world’s first Chinese top-level domain dedicated to restaurants and catering, “.Restaurant” faces all relevant legal companies in China and the global Chinese market. In the current environment of the Internet and mobile Internet, “.餐厅” will provide more opportunities for customers to interact with customers and e-commerce innovations for restaurants, catering companies, and catering information platforms.



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